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Exterior Wood Door Refinishing Project

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Wood doors are very popular in Texas. The harsh sun can damage wood doors that are not cared for properly
or refinished properly. New doors should be refinished within the replica handbags first year. This is due to the wood drying out and original stain fading. Most doors when they come from the factory have one coat of clear seal over the stain.

If doors are not properly maintained, pealing of the clear coat will occur, wood panels may crack, and your door may warp. These are some concerns you should monitor. Maintained properly rolex replica watches a wooden door will last as long as you want it to. Lack of maintenance will cause home appearance chanel outlet problems and could eventually cost far more to repair.

The front door is something most people \\\\\\\"just get used to seeing\\\\\\\". Many times homeowners do not see the door as others chanel sale would. This is the first thing someone will see when they come to you home. Your front door needs to be maintained to provide the right first impression.

Please review the attached hermes replicaphotos of a twenty foot custom wood door which was sanded down to the bare wood for refinishing. This door was made up of four sections. The panels in the door were all hand carved. All detail had to be replica rolexstripped due to clear coat chipping away.

Please feel free to contact Mr. rolex replica watches Handyman with any questions you may have regarding wood door refinishing, u boat replica door adjustments, door installation and door weatherstripping.

Project Images
  • Exterior Wood Door Refinishing Project Completed

    Exterior Wood Door Refinishing - Finish Completed

    It is important to maintain your wood doors. This photo shows the finished product of this exterior wood door refinishing project. This is a very impressive finish and a great first impression for any home.

  • Exterior Wood Door Refinishing - New Wood Panels

    Exterior Wood Door Refinishing - New Wood Panels

    The four wood panels on this door were hand carved. They were removed from the door so each panel could be worked on individually. All detail was stripped, sanded, and refinished before being installed back on to the door.

  • Exterior Wood Door Being Refinished

    Exterior Wood Door Refinishing - Refinishing Underway

    As you can see from this photo, this is a very impressive entry door. The twenty foot door was sanded down to bare wood before refinishing. In order to provide the right first impression, your wood door needs to be maintained.

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