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Tips and recommendations for texturing your drywall

Drywall Texturing Recommendations

Drywall texturing sounds a lot scarier than it really is. There are a few tips that can make a drywall texturing project a little easier for you. Don't hesitate to contact a Home Repair Handyman drywall contractor in your area.

How To Texture Drywall - Tips & Techniques

Pretty much if you have ANY \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"do-it-yourself\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" skills you have taken-on painting a wall or two in your own home. There is really nothing to it, so long as the drywall has been prepped and textured. But what do you do if you have a wall that has been damaged and you need to fix and texture it to match your existing walls? Or what if you are working with a new wall where the drywall has not been textured yet? Well, don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t panic. Drywall texturing is not as difficult as you might first think. This article will discuss three of the basic drywall texturing techniques and tips for getting the results you desire.

The first thing to remember when texturing drywall is that if you decide you don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t like the result, you can always scrape it off before it dries and start over. Alternatively, you can also elect to hire a professional handyman or drywall contractor in order to avoid the hassle and mess associated with drywall finishing projects.

There are three basic types of drywall texture applications - knockdown, popcorn and orange peel. Application variations can be made to each type to help you create the desired effect.

Knock Down Drywall Texturing Technique

One of the more subtle drywall texturing techniques is replica watches called knock down or also referred to as skip trowel. Knock down texturing most closely resembles a stucco finish. To create this effect you must first start by adding a little water to premixed drywall joint compound that you can buy at any local home improvement center or hardware store. The consistency you are trying to obtain would be similar to thick pancake batter. Using a trowel, apply the drywall mix replicas de relojes espaƱa using varied levels of pressure to achieve different heights and thickness of texture. After the compound sets for 15 to 30 minutes it will become tacky. When the mud is tacky, but not dry, hold the trowel at an extremely shallow, flat angle and work it in vertical strokes from top to bottom, bottom to top, over the dollops of compound. The object is not to smear or displace the dollops, but to remove the peaks. The vertical motion of the trowel pulls the mud upward and downward, achieving the rough, textured finish.

Popcorn Drywall Texturing Technique

The popcorn technique is a heavier, more noticeable type of drywall texturing that is typically used on ceilings as a means of sound dampening. Applied in a similar manner as the knockdown technique, the two key differences are that you leave your drywall mix in a thicker consistency and instead of knocking down the high peaks, your drywall should form a popcorn or cottage cheese like appearance.

The popcorn drywall texture in recent years has become increasingly less popular than other texturing techniques as it is very difficult to paint and it has a tendency to collect dust. If you have an existing popcorn ceiling and would like a more modern look you might consider lightly sanding it instead of taking on the mess and hassle of removing it completely. The new look will result in a much more subdued texture that with a couple coats of paint will provide modern appeal with very little cost and difficulty.

Orange Peel Drywall Texturing Technique

Orange peel drywall texturing (also called splatter) can vary from a series of small blobs of splatter to an overall fine spray that closely resembles an orange peel. Professionals typically thin the drywall compound and apply it using a spray gun to achieve the desired effect. If you are like many do-it-yourselfers and do not have a compressor and a spray gun - don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t worry. Most home improvement centers offer a spray can texturing product that does a pretty good job of reproducing the orange peel look. The spray can provides an adjustable nozzle that allows you to change the setting for light, medium and heavy coverage. The key to obtaining a consistent look is to spray the product at a relatively constant speed. Start in a low visibility area and practice until you achieve and can replicate the desired effect.

Practice Makes Perfect

Although drywall texturing is not difficult for the do-it-yourselfer, it does take practice cheap replica watches and confidence to get professional looking results. One important thing to note is that drywall texturing is incredibly messy. Whether you are spraying on drywall texture or applying it by hand, know in advance that it will get everywhere. A word of advice is spare no expense in drop cloths.

If you are trying to match an existing unique or custom texture in a high visibility area, you may want to consider calling in a professional handyman. Matching custom drywall textures can sometimes be incredibly difficult for the do-it-yourselfer. If you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve tried it yourself and just are not pleased with your drywall texturing match, we can help. Home Repair Handyman\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s FREE handyman service locator can help you find the best drywall texturing contractor in your area.