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Transform your kitchen appliances by applying stainless steel contact paper

Application of Stainless Steel Contact Paper

Transform your out of date kitchen appliances into modern looking applicances by applying stainless steel contact paper. The stainless steel contact paper gives your appliances a make over that is cost effective for all.

Make Your Home Appliances Look Like New On A Budget

Are your kitchen appliances showing wear, but replacing them just isn\\\'t in your budget?

Here is an inexpensive solution you can use to update the look of your appliances orologi replica and make them more energy efficient at the same time. If you are handy you can take this project on yourself or if you are a bit \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"fix-it\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" challenged you can contact Home Repair Handyman and we can help you find a home repair contractor in your area.

For this article, we will focus on refreshing your refrigerator and dishwasher, but these tips will work for just about any large appliance you have in your home.

Let\\\'s start with the refrigerator. Chances are high that it could use a good top to bottom scrubbing, and possibly a defrosting if you have an older model. Completely remove all the food and scrub the entire surface inside and out with a good cleaner that is safe to use around food. Clean every nook and cranny until you get it sparkling. If you have a common refrigerator, you may be able to find replacement shelves, making it easier to store food. Before you shut those doors though, there are two more steps you are going to take.

Grab an old toothbrush and dunk it in your cleaner. Locate the rubber gasket on the inside of the door and get to scrubbing. It is, most likely, in desperate need of cleaning unless you have been taking care of this on a regular basis. If your refrigerator is old you should replace the gasket. This will make your appliance more efficient. These gaskets can be found at any hardware store. Measure the old one or take a section in to help make it easier to find the replacement. Replace both gaskets and shut the door. Scrub the outside of the doors until they are sparkling clean. Now, you have an option. You can leave your appliance as is or you can try a technique that will make it look like you have spent a couple thousand dollars on a new appliance. Get some stainless steel contact paper -- yes, contact paper, and carefully apply it to your door. You are going to want to make sure that there are no broken or crooked edges. Completely coat the appliance with the contact paper, smoothing out any bubbles as you go. When you are done, your refrigerator will look fantastic. It is important to find contact paper that is meant for this type of use. You can usually find it in most home improvement stores or online.

Now, let\\\'s move on to the dishwasher. Repeat the same process described above, making sure that it is completely cleaned out. You can also add the same contact paper to this appliance so that you have a uniform look for your kitchen. You may need to replace the gasket on the dishwasher if it is old tag heuer replica and worn out. These wear out pretty quickly since the area inside is so hot and humid. Again, you will be saving money on energy costs by taking the time to install a new gasket.

Make sure that you follow the proper care instructions for your newly contact-papered appliances. Most come with special instructions, but you can use a damp cloth with dish soap to clean it. Make sure that the cloth is not too wet.

Your kitchen should now look brand new and you have only spent a few hours and a couple dollars!

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